Lot 10 big Tasbih Prayer 99 Worry Beads Misbaha Islamic Allah & Mohammed Rosary

  • Small Multicolors engraved Allah Muhammad Muslim tasbih.
  • Nice Islamic gifts Allah & Mohammed Names, Great for all Muslims or as special gift for someone, definitely gonna like it !
  • Beautiful beads on woven string.
  • Used as Tasbih/Prayer Beads to make Zikr for ALLAH.
  • Allah & Mohammed Salah Prayer Tasbeeh Sibha.


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A small plastic tasbeeh has Allah & Muhammad engraved on each bead and the alif has “La ilaha illallah” on one side and “Muhammad Rasulullah” on the other side Each bag contains a Lot of 10 big Tasbih Prayer 99 Worry Beads for Zikr, also it can be used as a Masbaha Thikr Decor Necklace.

Colors depend on our stock availability

Material: plastic

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