Muslim Bookmark Solid Colored Elastic Skull Cap Kufi Hats

  • Synthetic Mix
  • Made in India/Indonesia
  • UPDATE 6/23/2017: Due to customer concerns about sizing being too small on some colors, we switched to a more reliable manufacturer. As of 6/23/17 the Black/White colored hats come in a larger, newer size.
  • While all of these hats can stretch, the maximum stretch-size of each color varies. Here is a list of the colors with their respective average maximum stretch size, given in inches (based on circumference of the head) for easy reference: Black (24”), White (24”) Gray (23”) Olive Green (22.5”), Beige (22.5”), Golden (22.5”), Brown (22”), Red (21”), Cream (23”), Golden Brown (24”)
  • The set of 10 includes the following colors: Black, White, Gray, Red, Brown, Golden Brown, Golden, Cream, Olive Green, Dark Green
  • Ask any questions below, we want to make sure you get the perfect kufi hat!



Our solid color kufis will fit most people’s heads given their elasticity. These kufi hats also feature a nice solid band on the bottom that is slightly tighter than the rest of the hat while still being elastic, ensuring that the hat is secure and comfortable on one’s head. Much more durable than most of the polyester kufis in the market.

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